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ServiceNow Interview Questions Part 3

What is HTML Sanitizer?
The HTML sanitizer automatically cleans up HTML markup in HTML fields to remove unwanted code and protect against security concerns such as cross-site scripting attacks. The HTML sanitizer is active for all instances starting with the Eureka release.
Q. Which table is used in servicenow to audit changes to records?
ServiceNow uses the Sys Audit [sys_audit] table to audit changes to records.
Q. What is Schema map?
The schema map displays the details of tables and their relationships in a visual manner, allowing administrators to view and easily access different parts of the database schema.
Q. What is a dashboard?
Dashboard is a visual collection of reports and paralytics presented as KPI scorecards and indicator summary tab.
Q. What is scorecard?
A scorecard can be used to measure the performance of an employee or a business process. It is a graphical representation of progress over time. A scorecard belongs to an indicator. The first step is to define the indicators that you want to measure. Scorecards can be enhanced by adding targets, breakdowns (scores per group), aggregates (counts, sums, and maximums), and time series (totals and averages).
Q. What do you mean by indicators in performance analytics in servicenow
Indicators, also known as metrics, business metrics, or KPIs, are statistics that businesses track to measure current conditions and to forecast business trends.
Q. How to set the default value of a date field to current datetime value?
Goto the dictionary of the respective date-time field and set the default value as : javascript:gs.nowDateTime();
Q. What is client transaction timing?
Client transaction timing provides more information on the duration of transactions between the client and the server.This require to activate the plugin – “Client transaction timing plugin”.
Q. What asetWorkflow(e) function does?
setWorkflow(e) enables or disables the running of business rules that might normally be triggered by subsequent actions. If the e parameter is set to false, an insert/update will not be audited. Auditing only happens when the parameter is set to true for a GlideRecord operation.
e – Boolean variable that if true (default) enables business rules, and if false to disables them.
Q. What the setForceUpdate() function does?
setForceUpdate() updates the record even if there is no changes on the record.
Q. What is the significance of setLimit(n) function.
setLimit(n) functions limits the number of records to query by Gliderecord().
Q. Can you update a record without updating its system fields(like sys_updated_by, sys_updated_on) ?
Yes, you can do it by using a function autoSysFields() in your server side scripting.Whenever you are updating a record set the autoSysFields() to false.
var gr = new GlideRecord(‘incident’);
short_description = “Test from Examsmyntra” ;
Q. How to get the row count in a gliderecord?
By using the getRowCount() function you can retrieve the number of rows.
Q. What is the difference between deleteMultiple() and deleteRecord()
deleteMultiple() deletes multiple records according to the current “where” clause. Does not delete attachments, whereas deleteRecord() deletes single record.
Q. How to restrict users to upload an attachment in servicenow
Following is the step wise step process:
Navigate to System Properties > Security.
In the Attachment limits and behavior section, locate the List of roles (comma-separated) that can create attachments: property (glide.attachment.role).
Enter one or more roles separated by commas.
Only roles listed in this property are able to upload attachments to a record. If no roles are entered, then all roles can upload attachments to ServiceNow forms.
Click Save.
Q. How to disable attachment on a specific servicenow table?
Go to the dictionary of that table and add “Add no_attachment” to the Attributes field.
Q. What is the significance of cascade variable checkbox in order guide ?
Check box to select whether the variables used should cascade, which passes their values to the ordered items. If this check box is cleared, variable information entered in the order guide is not passed on to ordered items.
Q. What are Gauges ?
A gauge can be based on a report and can be put on a homepage or a content page.
Q. What do you mean by Metrics in ServiceNow?
Metrics record and measure the workflow of individual records. With metrics, customers can arm their process by providing tangible figures to measure, for example, how long it takes before a ticket is reassigned or changes state.
Q. How may types of search is available in ServiceNow ?
Use any of the following searches to find information in ServiceNow:
Lists: find records in a list;
Global text search: find records in multiple tables from a single search field.
Knowledge base: find knowledge articles.
Navigation filter: filter the items in the application navigator.
Search screens: use a form­like interface to search for records in a table. Administrators can create these custom modules.
Q. Which roles are used by Knowledge management?
Knowledge management uses these roles knowledge , knowledge_admin , and admin role.
Q. How to create your own report?
Navigate to Reports > Create New. In releases prior to Eureka, navigate to Reports > View / Run and then click New.
Q. How to activate the reporting engine?
Make the system property to true.
Q. Name few types of reports that you can generate?
Few of reports are:
Q. How to control the script conditions of Access Control Rules apply to a table’s reference fields ?
You can Add glide.sys_reference_row_check to the System properties and set to true.
Q. How to create an Inbound Email Action?
Navigate to System Policy > Email > Inbound Actions and Click New.
Q. How ServiceNow recognizes Inbound Emails?
Via Watermark or In­Reply­To email header. If These are not present, ServiceNow recognizes email containing a prefix in the subject line.
Q. How to enable automatic user creation from email ?
Set the property glide.pop3readerjob.create_caller to true in system properties.
Q. How to allow locked out users to trigger inbound email actions?
By adding the system property glide.pop3.process_locked_out to true.
Refer for more Information.

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