Thursday, 11 April 2019

ServiceNow Interview Questions Part 2

Q. What is a business rule?
Business rule is server side scripting that executes whenever a record is inserted, updated, deleted, displayed or queried.The key thing to keep in mind while creating a business rule is that when and on what action it has to execute. You can run the business rule ‘on display’, ‘on before’ or ‘on after’ of an action (insert,delete,update) is performed.
Q. Can you call a business rule through a client script
Yes you can call a business rule through a clientscript by using glideajax
Q. What is a gliderecord?
Gliderecord is a javaclass that is used for database operations instead of writing SQL queries.
Q. What do you mean by data lookup and record matching?
Datalookup and record matching feature helps to set a field value based on some condition instead of writing scripts. For example:on Incident forms, the priority lookup rules sample data automatically sets the incident Priority based on the incident Impact and Urgency values. Data lookup rules allow to specify the conditions and fields where they want data lookups to occur.
Q. What is an update set?
Update set is a group of customization.It 
captures the customization or configuration changes made by a user and then these update sets can be moved from one instance to another. For example if we made some configuration changes in our development environment and want same changes in our test environment then we can capture all the changes in an update set and can move this update set to the test environment instead of doing changes manually in test environment.
Q. What is a sys_id?
A unique 32-character GUID that identify each record created in each table in servicenow
Q. What is LDAP Integration and its use?
LDAP is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.It is used for user data population and User authentication. Servicenow integrates with LDAP directory to streamline the user log in process and to automate the creation of user and assigning them roles
Q. How to set a field unique on table
Go to that respective field dictionary and set the unique check box to true.
Q. What is data dictionary?
Data dictionary defines every table and field in the system. It contains information about a field’s data type,default value, dependency, and other attributes
Q. What happens when a user make some changes the homepage ?
When a user make some changes on the homepage then that pages is saved as his personalized homepage instead of updation on the actual homepage.For example home page name is Incident overview.When a user make some changes on it then this page is saved as My incident overview and is only visible to that user.
Q. What role you are required to create/update ACL?
Q. How you can check on which servicenow instance node you are working ?
Goto SystemDiagnostic -> Stats. Statistic page will be open where you can get the details of node and the instance on which you are working on
Q. How to enable or disable the pie chart labels
To enable or disable the labels in pie chart we need to set the property glide.ui.chart.pie.labels to true or false.
Q. What is installation exit?
Installation exits are customizations that exit from Java to call a script before returning back to Java. Navigate to System Definition > Installation Exits. Some installation exit names (Login, Logout, ValidatePassword, ExternalAuthentication) are reserved and cannot be changed. Other installation exits can override these with custom script that replaces the script in the default installation exit.
Q. What is import set?
Import Sets is a tool used to import data from various data sources and, then using transform map, map that data into ServiceNow tables. The Import Sets table acts as a staging table for records imported.
Q. What is transform Map?
A transform map transform the record imported into servicenow import set table to the target table. It also determines the relationships between fields displaying in an Import Set table and fields in target table
Q. What do you mean by Foreign record insert?
A foreign record insert occurs when an import makes a change to a table that is not the target table for that import. This happens when updating a reference field on a table.
Q. Which searching technique is used to search a text or record in Servicenow ?
Zing is the text indexing and search engine that performs all text searches in ServiceNow.
Q. What does the Client Transaction Timings plugin does?
The Client Transaction Timings plugin enhances the system logs by providing more information on the duration of transactions between the client and the server. By providing information on how time was spent during the transaction, performance issues can be tracked down to the source by seeing where the time is being consumed.
Q. What is inactivity monitor?
An inactivity monitor triggers an event for a task record if the task has been inactive for a certain period of time. If the task remains inactive, the monitor repeats at regular intervals.
Q. What is domain separation?
Domain separation is a way to separate data into (and optionally to separate administration by) logically-defined domains. For example A client XYZ have two business and they are using servicenow single instance for both business.They do not want that user’s from one business can see data of other business.Here we can configure domain separation to isolate the records from both business.
Q. How you can remove Remember me check box from login page?
You can set the property – “glide.ui.forgetme” to true to remove the Remember me check box from login page.

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