Thursday, 11 April 2019

ServiceNow Implementation Specialist Part 5

What states are not used with an Emergency Change?
a.    Assess
2.    Every Catalogue item has the same workflow?
a.    False
3.    Where is Knowledge Feedback/Ratings stored? (table)
a.    Kb_feedback
4.    What areas of ServiceNow can a variable Editor be used
a.    Incident, Request items, catalog tasks
5.    In the baseline instance does a caller's VIP status drive incident priority or any other process logic?
a.    False
6.    What areas of ServiceNow use "user Criteria" to restrict access?
a.    Catalog, Knowledge Bases
7.    Incident/Change script includes with 'SNC' are mean to be read only - True or False?
a.    True
8.    What role can delete Configuration Items
a.    Ecmdb_admin
9.    Can Service Portal integrate with many or one knowledge bases?
a.    One
10.  Do all baseline notifications have a message body and/or template defined?
a.    False
11.  What is used to change the Change Create options on "Create New" in the change module
a.    Change Interceptors
12.  What role can be assigned to manage Standard change catalogue?
a.    Cahnge_manager
13.  What table do all the technical CI's extend from?
a.    Configuration item cmdb_ci
14.  When a parent incident state changes to resolved what happens to child incidents?
a.    Parent reflects to child
15.  Who/What role can delete a change request?
a.    Itil_admin
16.  What does the CAB Workbench allow change managers to do?
a.    Review and take meeting notes, Approve or reject change, Schedule a series of CAB Meetings, Define CAB meeting agendas, Manage invitation and attendance
17.  How is Risk Calculation run for Change Requests? 
a.    System property $ Business rules, UI actioncalculatuiin risk
18.  What’s the best practice when setting Valid to Dates for Knowledge Articles?
a.     valid to scheduler to dynamic Depending of the valid of the content
19.  Knowledge Workflow is defined at what level?
a.    Knowledge Base
20.  What are the OOTB change types
a.    Normal, emergency, Standard
21.  What is the best practice for creating notifications?
a.    Use templates where possible
22.  When using conditions for notifications what is the best practice?
a.    Using state change to x
23.  Knowledge Article versioning is available by default
a.    False, an advance plugin is required
24.  What ServiceNow tool can be used to explore CMDB classes?
a.    Ci class manager
25.  If no sys_popup view is defined for a table then what will be used when hovering over the Reference Icon?
a.    The default is used
26.  Which Script Include to modify to add a custom state for Change Requests?
a.    Changerequeststatemodel_normal
27.  What is the best practice to use Incident State value in scripting?
a.    Use a global incident state value
28.  Is the variable editor available on the Catalog Tasks?
a.    True
29.  What columns of the Caller field are displayed in the Baseline ServiceNow instance?
a.    Users full name and email address
30.  What is the intent of the work notes list when it comes to notifications?
a.    Copy people on notifications
31.  Baseline ServiceNow has approvals defined for Knowledge Management
a.    False
32.  OOTB Change Request - Normal Workflow involves the below steps:
a.    Approvals, Tasks, Rollback
33.  When a KB Article is created from the Problem Record UI Action, what knowledge base is it associated with in the baseline version?
a.    Knowledge
34.  Where can priority matrix values based on Impact and Urgency be updated?
a.    In the priority data lookups
35.  How is conflict Detection done for change requests in OOTB Change Requests?
a.    Both manual and automated
36.  Is Knowledge Article (kb_knowledge) table extended from the task table?
a.    False
37.  How many classes extend the Base Configuration Item(cmdb) ?
a.    500+
38.  Type of relationship between knowledge articles and knowledge bases?
a.    One article is associated to one base

39.  What is the intent of the watch list when it comes to notification?
a.    Watch list to copy people on notifications
40.  What is the state of the Knowledge Article created by using the Post Knowledge UI Action on a problem record?
a.    Draft
41.  Are surveys enabled for all ITSM Modules by default?
a.    False
42.  What is the CMDB Base class?
a.    Base configuration item cmdb
43.  How do you ensure a notification is sent to the person that triggered the event that sends the notification?
a.    Stand too event creator
44.  Where are choices stored in the database?
a.    Sys_choice
45.  When the state field is set to On Hold, a UI Policy does what?
a.    Makes the Onhold reason field visible
46.  Where is the Knowledge Article usage stored in ServiceNow?
a.    Kb_use
47.  What states are not used with a Standard Change?
a.    Access and authorize
48.  Do change approvers need a ServiceNow license if approving only through email?
a.    Yes
49.  Is the Post Implementation Review mandatory upon closure of a change by default OOTB?
a.    No
50.  What option is used to send variable values with common name from Order guides to each catalogue item in the order guide
a.    Use the cascades variables check box on the order guide
51.  Where do you set (Can Read)/(Can Contribute) on a knowledge base?
a.    On the knowledge base record
52.  Does the onHold state, always pause SLA?
a.    False
53.  How to add new fields to the activity list on incidents/problems?
a.    Update system property with new sysyrtem to be added
54.  Does the default auto close function on Incidents use Schedule for business hours?
a.    No
55.  Is the change type editable in the baseline version?
a.    No
56.  Incident states that are considered active
a.    New, In progress, Onhold, Resolved
57.  What phase are Incidents usually escalated?
a.    Investigate and diagnosis
58.  Who/what role can delete a incidents?
a.    Itil_admin
59.  Which table records the usage statistics of a knowledge article
a.    Kb_use
60.  Can Service Portal integrate with one or many knowledge bases?
a.    One
61.  Are KB searches logged? If yes, which table are they logged?
a.    Yes logged in search logs
62.  In the Automated Test Framework, are the test records available once the tests have been executed?
a.    No
63.  Where can the default closure time frame in the incidents be changed?
a.    Systemproperty.glide.autoclose.time
64.  Best practice for integrating a Service Request using REST API?
a.    Use the ootb scripted script  REST API
65.  Can g_scratchpad be used in Catalog Items
a.    No
66.  What field on the configuration item can be used for identifying Approval group for the CI
a.    Change-control
67.  The ___________ role means that no user has access - not even admin or maint. Use the _____________ role carefully. The _____________ role takes precedence over the admin override option on ACLs, so even admins cannot have access.
a.    Nobody
68.  We see user's email in the caller field on an incident form. Which attributes do we use to set this?
a.    Ref_ac_column=email
69.  How can you detect a problem?
a.    Both proactive and reactive
70.  Can a Service Catalog category have restricted to a group of users?
a.    Yes
71.  Is Archiving incidents enabled by default in the baseline version of ServiceNow?
a.    No
72.  Can record producer be used to submit a Requested Item?
a.    No
73.  Workflow stages available for Change Request in the baseline
a.    Request cancelled. Closed incomplete, complete
74.  Can a container_split formatter used without a Container start / End formatter in Catalogue Items?
a.    No
75.  Best way to add new fields to be copied when using the "Copy Change" UI Action
a.    Modify the sysytem properties
76.  How do you communicate workaround for a problem?
a.    Use the UI action communicate workaround
77.  How to create knowledge categories?
a.    From the knowledge list related list
78.  The _________________ application gives you instant visibility into your key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends, as well as comparative insight relative to industry averages of your peers.
a.    ServiceNow Benchmarks
79.  Where do you change the risk calculation methods for Change Requests?
a.    In the Change Properties
80.  In the baseline version, Are Knowledge management approvals enabled by default?
a.    False
81.  Where do you go to update field mappings when creating knowledge from a problem?
a.    Post knowledge / Post news UI actions
82.  How do you reference producer variables in producer script?
a.    Producer.varible name
83.  What method is used to identify First call resolution for incidents?
a.    Use the reassignment count field
84.  What is the purpose of the formatter on the change request form?
a.    Display state of change request
85.  Best practice for modifying/ customizing Base Code?
a.    Create a local copy
86.  Can catalog UI Policies be included in Variable Sets?
a.    Yes
87.  Is it optional to use the Benchmarks KPI  Application set by ServiceNow?
a.    Yes
88.  At what levels are the workflow for Knowledge articles set?
a.    Knowledge base level
89.  Does [kb_knowledge] the article table extend from task?
a.    No!  it does not extend from task
90.  How do you set different price options for select box variables?
a.    Use the pricefield when adding select box choices
91.  Are scheduled jobs added to update Sets?
a.    False
92.  When should a problem be put in a state of Known Error?
a.    Cause of the problem is determined and permanent fix is given
93.  Which role can archive incidents?
a.    Itil and admin
94.  The baseline version of ServiceNow has the change approval engine enabled?
a.    True
95.  The baseline version of ServiceNow provides Knowledge article versioning.
a.    No
96.  When can a user with no roles close an incident?
a.    Whteher the user is the caller and state is resolved
97.  What role is used to administer user criteria?
a.    Users_criteri_admin
98.  SLAs are defined by default for all Service Requests in the baseline version
a.    False
99.  Is a container split required to achieve 2 column layout on the Service Catalog item?
a.    No
100.               Limited Performance Analytics functionality for .................... is available to all customers without the need of PA license.
a.    Incident Management
101.               Is user criteria available for Knowledge Articles?
a.    No user criteria only set at knowledge level
102.               Is the variable editor available on the Catalog Tasks?
a.    Yes

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