Thursday, 11 April 2019

ServiceNow Implementation Specialist Part 6

Q1 Which of the scripts execution order is decided by System and not by System Administrator?
1.       Business rule
2.       Script Actions
3.       UI Actions
4.       Script Includes

Q2 While fetching a large report, how can we enhance system performance?
1.       By disabling browser cache
2.       By increasing the refresh time interval
3.       By decreasing homepage gauges
4.       By editing the homepage
Q3 Task table comes under which class?
1.       Parent class
2.       Root class
3.       Primary class
4.       Extended class
Q4 Change task table is extended from task table, which of the following is true for shortdescription field?
1.       Short description is same as of task table
2.       You can have two short description, you can create one more by right click and personalize.
3.        Short description is same as of task table and is overridden from task table
Q5 Business rule runs on which layer?
1.       Protocol
2.       Scripting
3.       application
Q6 LOG[] function is related to which table
1.       Transaction log
2.       System logs
Q7 When you purchase a new instance from service now, which of the following is available by default
High Security
Q8 Ldap and ldaps ports?
389 and 636
Q9 how will u clear cache?
Q10 which is the most important table in service now for integration?
Import set
Q11 which of the variable is global in business rules apart from current and previous?
Q12 which of the following is called before data is submitted and presented to user for display?
1.       Before
2.       After
3.       Async
4.       Display
Q13 which of the following is a structured query for web service
Q14 what is WSDL?
1.       It is a xml doc
2.       It is a html doc which is used by web service
3.       It is a http doc
Q15 what is the default format of the email coming to service now?
1.       POP3(incoming)
2.       SMTP(outgoing)
3.       SNMP
4.       IMAP
Q16 when an email is received in service now, two inbound actions got triggered, how can we stop 2nd inbound action from triggering?
Event.state= “stop_processing”
Q17 In LDAP, how can we use other ports rather than using default port?
By appending port number after IP address in the server url.
Q18 what is the Application/Database/Web Server in service now?
Q19 How do you modify the buttons in the related list?
Personalize/configure àList Control
Q20 From where traffic starts in VPN during web service integration?
1.       SNOW to customer network
2.       Customer network to SNOW
3.       SNOW to mid server
4.       Mid server to SNOW
Q21 If data is going to service now from third party, then web service acts as a?
1.       Consumer
2.       Publisher
3.       Both
Q22 which protocol is used for secure ldap?
1.       http
2.       mid server
3.       ldap with mid server
4.       ldap
Q23 which architecture is used for data web service integration.
1.       Data architecture
2.       Object oriented architecture
3.       Integrated architecture
4.       Service Oriented architecture
Q24 how data and process are segregated
1.       Domain separation

Q25 in which phase of start now methodology, we do sprint/scrum planning?
1.       Prepare
2.       Plan
3.       Deploy
4.       Discover
5.       Operate
6.       Transform

Q26 What is the Coding best Practices that ServiceNow doesn’t recommends?
1.       Right small small server calls instead of large server calls
2.       Write getReference with callback
3.       Avoid Server calls unless required
4.       Use GlideAjax for Server calls
Q27 What is the production Methodology that ServiceNow uses?
1.       SDLC
2.       Agile Scrum (Development Methodology)
3.       Waterfall
Q28 how do you find the null value in the business rule?
1.       By .NIL
2.       By .NULL
Q 29 How do you create the audit for particular table?
1.       Audit checkbox in table dictionary only for Type = Collection
2.       Set audit – true in the table dictionary

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