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ServiceNow Implementation Specialist Part 4

How do you test SSO using which bypass method?

d) none of the above

If you want to have a default value for the short description field for a change that extends the task table, which approach is best practice?

a) Create a new short description field
b) Set the default value for the short description field
c) Create a Dictionary Override
d) Create a Client Script

Which of the following contains a server call?

a) g_form.getValue()
b) g_form.setValue()
c) g_form.getReference()
d) g_form.clearValue()

Why is a callback function best practice when using getReference()?

a) because it runs synchronously
b) it will not affect performance
c) because it will run asynchronously
d) a callback function is not necessary


How do you limit the scope of a variable?

a) you declare variables inside a function
b) you declare variables using == operators
c) you use a comparator such as !=
d) you declare variables outside a function


Which of the following plugins creates baseline acl rules for a new environment?

a) High Security Settings
b) ACL Security Jump Start
c) It is included by default in new installations
d) Security Quick Start Which is the following is true regarding the task table?

a) Task is extended from a parent table such as Problem, Change, Incident, etc.
b) Applications cannot extend from the Task Table
c) Only Problem, change, and incident can be extended from task
d) Any application can be extended from Task


How is the burn down defined from Release?

a) Total points - completed points
b) Sprint points - stories in "TESTING"
c) Story points - sprint points
d) none of the above


Which of the following is NOT true about business rules?

a) They execute server-side
b) g_scratchpad is a global variable
c) They can be executed on query
d) g_form is accessible


Why would a client require VPN tunnels to ServiceNow?

a) To encrypt a mail server
b) To encrypt communication to a ServiceNow instance
c) To encrypt data from ServiceNow to a MidServer
d) None of the above


How do you access the amount of memory a ServiceNow instance is using?

a) Navigate to system logs
c) submit a HI ticket
d) users do not have access to server information


Where is GlideAjax typically used?

a) business rules
b) client scripts
c) ui policy
d) ui macro


A user wants to know if you can make each INC# be sequential, how would you go about doing this?

a) a BEFORE business rules
b) a on SUBMIT client script
c) it can't be done
d) Modify system properties


How do you access a variable inside a Record producer script?

a) g_form.getValue()
b) gel()
c) current.variablename
d) g_form.getVariable()

e) producer.variablename


A user wants to use domain separation for his instance. Which of the following is true?

a) Domain separation creates separate instances of ServiceNow
b) Domain:loc users can view Global records
c) Global records are viewable to all users
d) B and C are correct


LDAP is used for what?

a) Automation and Authentication
b) Data Population and Automation
c) Authentication and Data Modification
d) Data Population and Authentication


How do you extract the WSDL for a table?

b) open a HI Ticket
c) create a LDAP service
d) create a business rule


Which of the following does a UI Policy affect?

a) Form View
b) List View
c) Access Control
d) Client Script


A sys_id is which of the following:

a) a unique 16 bit GUID
b) a unique 32 character GUID
c) is unique record 
d) both b and c


Which of the following will increase the performance for a client script:

a) using GlideAjax for server calls
b) using glide record
c) using callback functions for GlideAjax
d) a and c


How do you secure a field on a form?

a) use a UI Policy
b) use a ACL rule
c) use a Client Script
d) a and c


Where is gs.log logged to?

a) System Transactions
b) Javascript Console
c) System Logs
d) Script log statements


How do you flush the cache in a SNOW instance?



Which of the following is NOT a valid query?

a) addQuery()
b) addNulQuery()
c) addNotNullQuery()
d) addEmptyQuery()


What does gs.getmessage(X) do?

a) Adds a info message
b) Retrieves a info message
c) Retrieves a message key
d) None of the above


Does servicenow stores the LDAP Password?

a) Yes
b) No

Where does servicenow stores the LDAP password?

a) In LDAP connection URL
b) In user password field
c) In encrypted password field
d) In HTTP Session


which related link is used to test LDAP connection?

a) Test authentication
b) Test Connection
c) Load 20 Records
d) Browse


In LDAP configuration, If default port is not used and explicit port number is to be mentioned, how it is done?

a) servicenow does not support explicit port
b) select SSL check box and new port field appers and enter the port number in the field
c) enter the port in server URL
d)None of the above


The coarsest measure of network response time is a ping, which measures the total time for a packet to travel from the source machine to the target and back again. What is the reliable time for servicenow connection?

a) 100 ms
b)250 ms
c)1000 ms


the response time should be under 100ms in the United Statesor under 150 ms in Europe or Asia. In practice, though, anything under 250 ms is not a major component in perceived response time.


Which of the following can be used for user and distribution directory services in sericenow

a) Webservice


ServiceNow provides tables that are a staging area for data before transformation is done and stored into servicenow target table. Where is this staging data is stored?

a) In http Session
b) In Mid server staging table
c) third party staging table
d) Import Set




An integration is done of third part tool in servicenow. Data is inserted into import sets and data is transformed and stored into target table and all fields are being updated. Upon analysis it found that duplicate entries are being created. What could the possible cause of it?

a) Fields are not mapped correctly
b) Coalesce field is not setup correctly
c) Transform scripts are wrong
d) Nothing is wrong, write a business rule to delete duplicate records as they are found

The Client Transaction Timings feature enhances the system logs by providing more information on the durations of transactions between the client and the server. How do you enable the Client transaction timing?

a) set the property glide.client.track_transaction_timings to true
b) Install the Client Transaction Plugin
c) Enable the system schedules
d) Enable the system logs

You are loading the data into servicenow using webservice. Which of the following is being used to bring data into system?

a) Rest API
b) Script Webservice
c) business rule
d) Outbound SOAP Message

Which of the following is ServiceNow's StartNow Methodology to manage implementation projects?

a) Plan, Discover, Prepare, Deploy, Operate, Transform
b) Plan, Discover, Operate, Deploy, Transform
c) Prepare, Discover, Plan, Deploy, Operate, Transform
a) Plan, Discover, Prepare , Deploy, Operate,

which table stores the details of table and inheritance?

a) task
b) sys_db_object
d) sys_audit


Which protocol is used to connect mid server and servicenow?

a) http
b) https
c) FTP
d) soap


How do you start the debugging of security rules?

a) start debugging
b) debug security
c) watch field name
d) debug business rules


From which table task table is inherited?

a) cmdb_ci
b) sys_db_object
c) Task table is not inherited from any table
d) sys_dictionary


If your company wants to store firewall equipment details in servicenow. How will you store it?

a) create new standalone table
b) create a table inherited from task table
c) store in base cmdb table
d) create new table inherited from cmdb_ci table


What stage is this?
setup serviceNow project team
setup customer project team
setup risk register
training sysadmins
kcikoff worshop
customer project team training
GOAL : project setup and kicked off
Stage 1a: Plan

Who handles overall ServiceNow lead for deployment peer to customer management and project manager overall deployment success and customer value

Engagement Manager

Who helps customers with knowledge transfer development help/support

Technical consultant

Who leads process gap analysis workshops helps define backlog of requirements to be implemented

business process consultant

Who develops strategy for integration development of the integration points to and from ServiceNow

integration consultant

Who handles instance build and physical environment optimization datacenter network and connectivity

cloud infrastructure

Who handles visible active and knowledgeable able to clear road blocks

executive sponsorship

Who handles : 
involved with driving priority
decisimion maker
tracks scope creep and provides visibilty

it manager/director

hands on
tailors app to business requirements

system admin

complete definition of current & future processes
ensures application maps to business

business process owners

StartNow stages and their steps :

There are 6 stages:   Plan -> Discover -> Prepare-> Deploy -> Operate -> Transform


When should you perform the following?
Instance sizing, instance config, hardware, monitoring, network, support transitioning

at least 3-4 weeks before go live

What process is this? 
Typically done through 'enablement' approach customer resources working side by side with ServiceNow review with process owners change if gaps appear between requirements & development

Build out functionality in Stage 3 : Deploy

When should the following actions be performed?
update the welcome page
create diff look for each instance(banner name/color)
change email prop notfications to prevent users from getting msgs from sub prod
restrict user access and modify ldap to dsiable imports and updates
disable active scheduled jobs like imports/reports

cloning back to dev and test from prod

what are the options for post go-live development?

merge dev sets before pushing up environments OR
do one dev update set at a time

What are vpns used for typically?

securing connections that originate at serviceNow and destinated for customer network
access to ldap
jdbc access with customer db

how are vpn requets submitted?

self-service form in customer support system called HI

should end users have to go through vpn for serviceNow?


What are the two uses for ldap

data population

determine the type of commuincation channel
define ldap server
provide ldap server login scredentials
set connection pros & test connection
define OU's
create data source and transform map
create and execute scheduled import
ldap set up procedure

do you map roles to users?

no. to groups

what purpose does schedules provide?

for inactivity monitor and time-based SLAs
example : restrict service levels to only apply to weekdays and business hours IE on-call rotations

CRWD stands for

create read write delete

You can enable CRWD for

system access
application and module access
table/field access

each time you add a table you are creating a

dictionary application module

standard integrations for servicenow are?

data & processes

discovery& systems management
change management

web service components supported?


Does servicenow support consuming or publishing web services?

what happens if web service publisher is behind firewall?

use mid server

how do serviceNow place data into soap response from db

transform map


query optimizations

limit number of columns returned



optimization for size of table/ number rows

cleanup and import set deletion

to view average response time of transactions

right click on column
personalize>list calculations
check average value

Common solutions for slow transaction times?

using indexes intelligently

performance metrics graphs can be viewed for what 8 functional areas?

disk partitions
linux stats logging
mySql overview
node metrics

servicenow servlet


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