Thursday, 11 April 2019

ServiceNow Discovery Exam Preparation Part 5

1)      Discovery benefits à Realize fast time to value, Enable service impact analysis, Extend discovery throughout IT

2)      ITOM Packaging à Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Corporate

3)      ITOM provides benefit (Select 2) à Hybrid cloud, Proactive solution

4)      Where the instance url configured? à Config.xml

5)      10000 to 1000 IP address example from ebook à Shazzam Batch Size

6)      ECC Queue: Outputà Probe, inputà Sensor

7)      During SNP Discovery, Log shows “ Active, Couldn’t classify” error à Redefine or create classifier

8)      vCenter technique for event capturing à ??

9)      Data precedence rule for CI name update (ebook example) à ?

10)   Quick discovery requires à IP Address, MID Server

11)   Yellow color on MID Server version indicatesà ??

12)   A Device record __à Provides link to CI, device is same as CI (?)

13)   Discovery Schedule Manager provided option (Select 2) à ??

14)   Define ECC queue fields Topic, name, Source and Queue (Single liner answer) à

15)   Tracked configuration files provides benefit (Select 2) à File tracked as CI, Compare changes on CI

16)   Device has both SNMP and SSH port open but during first discovery SSH failed and SNMP succeed, What kind Affinity will be saved for future à IP Service Affinity, Credential Affinity and 2 more option

17)   SNMP Uses which credentials à Usernamepassword, private string, public string

18)   Which extends  Discovery à Probes and Sensor, classifier and pattern

19)   During identification phase multiple duplicates found, what it creates à Deduplication task for set of CIS.

20)   Discovery Home dashboard à Error Actions à ACTION ON SELECTED, ACTION ON ALL


Design Pattern:

21)   To Start Debug mode in Infrastructure Select ( 2 options) à hostname, IP Address

22)   Global variables (2 option) à process, computer_system

23)   Predefined Variables available on design pattern editor (Select 2) à Target CI type , target Host (?)

24)   Use different credential from default admin à Change User

25)   Parse variables operation provides option à delimiter and position

26)   Merge Table option à First table, Second table, target table

27)   If you have to parse 2 variables what should be the strategy à Use 2 steps

28)   What is valid syntax in variable $Table_.var  fill out the valid option “ _”? (3 option) à [*],  [ ], [3], [X]

29)   $process_details[1].install_dir à what is type of variable “process_details”? à table

30)   For Horizontal discovery which section is used à Identification Section (?)

31)   How will you define Patter à A set of step contains operation

32)   Horizontal discovery Process Design Entry point selection? Options - ALL, TCP, HTTPS (?)

33)   Constant variable value is presented with à  Quote (“ ”), Dollar, Hash, Single quote
Best practice to define constant value à Define direct on target

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