Thursday, 11 April 2019

ServiceNow Discovery Exam Preparation Part 3

Which phase we need to use for the Horizontal Probe on Infrastructure Discovery Patterns.
a.      Identification Phase

2.     Horizontal Discovery Vs Vertical Discovery (Top - Down)
a.      An Infrastructure pattern can only be used by Horizontal Discovery.
b.     An Application pattern can be used by Horizontal and Vertical Discovery.

3.     Column in pattern design
a.      Left Column
                                                                   i.      Create, Edit and view steps that pattern will take to create or update CI.
b.     Middle Column
                                                                   i.      Select and define operations for gathering data and creating variable.
c.      Right Column
                                                                   i.      View and Interact with temporary variables available after each pattern step completes an operation.

4.     Type of Operations during discovery extend?
a.      Query
b.     Parse
c.      Data
d.     Action

5.     In Discovery, which one of the following should the customer always configure during implementation?
a.      Change Management
b.     Probes
c.      Subnets
d.     Credentials
Answer: D

6.     Which one of the following Discovery phases is the error “No credentials would authenticate, tried” found on?
a.      Port Scan
b.     Classification
c.      Identification
d.     Exploration
Answer: B

7.     In Discovery, which one of the following causes a pattern to fail during discovery?
a.      No firewalls installed on the host
b.     No parse variable operation used in a step
c.      No pattern attached to a classification
d.     No CI Identifier exists
Answer: C

8.     What is the best practice when new pattern is created?
a.      Bind it to a classifier after initial save.

9.     In pattern + (plus) icon turns into which color to show comments exist?
a.      Blue

10. Popular ways to locate PID during discovery?
a.      Pattern Designer
                                                                   i.      Discovery Pattern Log
b.     Configuration
                                                                   i.      ServersàWindows
c.      RDP to Windows Host
                                                                   i.      Task Managerà Details

11. How many table does Transform Table operation works?
a.      One
b.     Two
c.      One or Two    à Correct

12. Does Transform Table operation marge the matching variables?
a.      False

13. Which Operation in pattern designing allows variable captured in different steps to be stored in the same pattern table without losing previously captured variable in the pattern?
a.      Transform Table Operation

14. In Discovery pattern log if discovery fails then which color icon it shows?
a.      Red

15. Baseline status (install_status) options include?
a.      Absent, In Maintenance, In Stock, Installed, On Order, Pending Install, Pending Repair, Retired, Stole.

16.  Business rule used to change the status of CI in respected CI table?
a.      True

17. During which phase does Horizontal Discovery with pattern runs?
a.      Identification and Exploration

18. During which phase does Horizontal Discovery with probe runs?
a.      All four phase
                                                                   i.      Port Scan
                                                                 ii.      Classification
                                                              iii.      Identification
                                                               iv.      Exploration

19. Which Discovery support Cloud Discovery, Configuration File tracking, CI Deletion Strategies?
a.      Horizontal Discovery with Probe
b.     Horizontal Discovery with pattern   --- Correct

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