Thursday, 11 April 2019

ServiceNow Discovery Exam Preparation Part 4

1. Predefined Variables available on design pattern editor (Select 2) à Target CI type , Computer_system

2. What is contained in the Extension Section --> Shared Library

3. ITOM capabilities (Select 3) ---> Realize fast time to value, Enable service impact analysis, Extend discovery throughout IT

4. What is XYZ ? -à CMDB Group of type Health

5. How to measure relationship health à Relationship Staleness, Orphan Relationship, Duplicate Relationship

6. Document example of Datasource Precedence

7. Discovery dashboard errors– possible recommended à Action on ALL, Action on Selected

8. For a set of duplicate CIs, the CI which we need to keep in CMDB à Master CI

9. ITOM Packaging (Select 3) à Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Corporate

10. 10000 to 1000 IP address example from ebook à Shazzam Batch Size

11. ECC Queue: Outputà Probe, inputà Sensor

12. During SNP Discovery, Log shows “ Active, Couldn’t classify” error à Redefine or create classifier

13. vCenter technique for event capturing à Vcenter Event Collector Extension

14. Quick discovery requires à IP Address, MID Server

15. Yellow color on MID Server version indicates à ServiceNow is on Kingston Patch 3 and MID server is on Kingston Patch 1

16. A Device record __à Provides link to CI

17. Discovery Schedule Manager provided option (Select 2) -> Discovered Device, Unidentified IPs

18. Define ECC queue fields Topic, name, Source and Queue (Match the definitions) à

19. Device has both SNMP and SSH port open but during first discovery SSH failed and SNMP succeed, What kind Affinity will be saved for future à IP Service Affinity

20. SNMP Uses which credentials -> read community string

21. Which extends Discovery à Probes and Sensor, classifier and pattern

22.   To Start Debug mode in Infrastructure Select ( 2 options) à hostname, IP Address

23.   Use different credential from default admin à Change User

24.   Parse variables operation provides option à delimiter and position

25.   Merge Table option à First table, Second table, target table

26.   If you have to parse 2 variables what should be the strategy à Use 2 steps

27.   What is valid syntax in variable $Table_.var  fill out the valid option “ _”? (3 option) à [*],  [ ], [3], [X]

28.   $process_details[1].install_dir à what is type of variable “process_details”? à table

29.   How will you define Patter à A set of step contains operation

30.   Horizontal discovery Process Design Entry point selection? Options - ALL, TCP

31.   If you want to Discover an application which is communicating to some other application, using patterns, How will discover that? -> Select Target Port and IP as the Find Process Strategy

32.   CMDB Health KPI match the KPIs with their definition

33.   What is the strategy used in Identification? Whether the CI exists or a new CI is discovered

34.   What is best practice while using pattern operations using variables-> Target query to variables

35.   What is 1st parameter used in createOrUpdateCI() -> Discovery source




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