Thursday, 11 April 2019

ServiceNow Discovery Exam Preparation Part 1

1.     Software installation table by default?
a.      cmdb_software_instance

2.     Software installation table by SAM?
a.       cmdb_sam_sw_install

3.     ECC Input Queue means?
a.      Into ServiceNo

4.     To avoid CMDB Duplication
a.      Hardware Rule  

5.     AMB stands for?
a.      asynchronous message bus

6.     ServiceNow instances send a synthetic transaction via the Heartbeat probe to every MID Server after every?
a.       5 Minutes

7.     Is concurrent schedule possible in Discovery?
a.      Yes

8.     Permission related to:
a.      sudo – correct   for Linux &
b.      Community String – correct   - Network

9.     How to know PowerShell installed in mid server?
a.      Type powerShell and press enter or
b.     Type $PSVersionTable and press Enter

10. Include Active /Alive'?
a.      It tells that the device is reachable but discovery ports are not open.

11. Where we can change discovery Identify parameters?
a.      CI Identifiers

12. where we can update priority of protocol scan?      
a.       Port Prob

13. order of port scan?               
a.      Sazzam> WMI> SSH > SNMP>HTTP

14. Which displays application dependency?
a.      Business Service Map (BSM)

15. Sensors stays in instance and Probe travels to the host. T/F?
a.      True

16. Which roles required to be assigned to Mid Server?
a.       mid_server , SOAP roles

17. Hardware related Discovery results into which table?
a.      Cmdb_ci_hardware

18. Which Server needs 2 credential?
a.      ESX Servers (windows and V-Center)

19. windows clustered VIP needs troubleshooting, T/F?
a.      No

20. running discovery can be cancelled, T/F?
a.      Yes

21. what is the default sazzam batch size?
a.      5000 devices

22. The place where running discovery logs can be found?
a.      Discovery Status   (discover_status)

23. Discovery Phases
a.      Port Scan Phase
                                                                   i.      Are you there? How will I Classify you?
b.     Classification Phase
                                                                   i.      How should I classify you specifically?
c.      Identification Phase
                                                                   i.      Have I seen you before?
d.     Exploration Phase
                                                                   i.      What else can you tell me about yourself?

24. Which Encryption ServiceNow uses to store credential in Discover_credential table?
a.      3 DES Encryption

25. Parameter name on MID Server record to disable the use service credential if required. (This will try to prevent use of service credential)
         a. Mid.powershell..local_mid_service_credential_fallback

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