Thursday, 11 April 2019

ServiceNow Application Developer Part 8

Import data sources
Text Search

Load Data, Create Transform Map, Run
Data Import Process

_____________ option in a Transform Map Field Map shows if a
row in the source data matches a record in the target table

__________ option makes a field a record's unique key

Table, forms, data
What gets automatically captured in an update set?

UI Macros and Content
Management System
Where can Jelly Scripting be used?

producer.variable and
In a client script, the follow variables cannot be used:

UI Polices, Business Policies and Data
Where can Jelly Scripting cannot be used?

Change in value of a
particular field
When does the onChange client script run?

What application is available to all users?

True//False: An unpublished workflow will be captured in
an update set.

True//False: You can define visibility of variables on a task
form using the workflow.

Current ______________ is an Elevated Privileges.

True//False: Sending an email notification is possible via an
inbound action?

_____________ is a unique identifier for each record in a table.

Transform Map
A map to determine relationships between fields
displaying an Import Set to fields in an existing table

Record List, Form,
Tables and Columns
Tables and Fields can be viewed and manipulated where?

UI Policy
What is a rule that applies to a form to dynamically change
form information on the form itself?

Data Policy
What enables admins to set mandatory and read-only
state for field?

UI Actions
What do you use to put buttons, links and context menu
items on forms and lists?

Business Rule
What is a control that applies permissions, sends notifications and triggers other processes when a record is displayed, inserted, updated or deleted or when a table is

Data Dictionary
What stores structure and relationship definitions?

Conditional Expressions/Scripts/Rol
What are the three ways Access Control Rules are defined?

Event queue
What contains a record of every generate event?

Approvals, Notifications
and Tasks
What are the 3 basic components of Workflow?

Import Set
What do you use to import data from various data sources
and map data into SN tables?

System Logs->events-
>system.upgraded, use this event to trigger the System Upgraded notification
How do you confirm an instance upgrade?

Email watermark
By default, the system generates a _____________ label atthe bottom of each notification email to allow matching incoming email to existing records, each includes a
random 20-character string that makes it unique.

System Administrator,
What are the three OOTB Servicenow roles?

Conditional Expressions, Scripts, Roles
Access Control Rules are defined

Inbound Email Action
Utilized when a user opens an Incident by email.

Mapping Assist Utility
Visually tool for specifying mapping between import set fields and production table fields. With the mapping assist utility it is possible to map a single source field (field on an import set table) to multiple destination fields (fields on a
production table).

Automates simple or complex multi-system tasks on
remote servers that are normally done manually.

Publish Workflow
To make a new or edited workflow available to all users, it
needs to be published.

A GlideRecord method to run any queries added by the
previous method calls.

Script actions
Ran when a specific event is triggered to determine how the system handles it.
Often used to automate a response when a specific event occurs, such as send an email notification when an incident
is opened.

Script includes
Store JavaScript functions and classes for use by server- side script objects. Each script include defines either a function or an implementation of a ServiceNow class.
Script includes only run when called by a server script.

Often used to enable different components to reuse server code and to make server code available to client- side calls.

Self Service, Incident, User Administration,
Custom Applications
What are the 4 Baseline Applications

System Properties>Security System Security>Access Control
System Security>High Security Settings
ServiceNow security composes of what 3 sections?

Approvals Notifications
The 3 basic components of Workflow

Approvals Conditions NotificationsTask
The six workflow activities

UI Actions
     Form buttons
     Form context menu items (right-click the header)
     Form links (navigation link at the bottom of a form)
     List buttons
     List context menu items (right-click a record)
     List choices (at the bottom of a list)

Workflow Condition
Determines which activity is performed based on an
evaluation of which workflow element.

Run behind the scenes and communicate the stages of the
approval process of the requester.

Visual Representation of activities consisting of connected
steps planned out in a sequential manner.

Application Artifacts
All of the "application files" comprising an application. Artifacts include but are not limited to: Access controls,
business rules, script includes, tables, client scripts

When ServiceNow calls a Web Service, outside of
ServiceNow, it is a

Field Types


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