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ServiceNow Application Developer Part 6

Access to the Code Review Requests module
Cderevdeleonptimale: nOtninesotafntche following
-A user with the admin role on the parent instance
-A user with the teamdev_code_reviewer role on the parent instance


-A user with the teamdev_user role on the registered

exclusion policy
Developers can create an _____________ to prevent pushes or pulls to particular instances in the team development

code review
Team Development administrators can require that pushes
undergo ___________ before accepting pushes

code review
When enabled, pushing a change to the parent instance
triggers the ____________ workflow

Code Review Workflow
Notifications are sent out by the ______________ to thereviewers group when:
-A push requires code review
-A user cancels a push

Code Review Workflow
-Starts when changes are pushed to the parent instance
-Verifies that the code review property is active on the parent instance
-Sets the stage of changes requiring approval to Awaiting Code review
-Notifies the Team Development Code Reviewers group to review the pushed changes
-Loads approved changes or set the stage to Code
Changes Rejected

Update Set
A group of configuration changes that can be moved from
one instance to another

Update Set
Allows administrators to group a series of changes into a named set and then move them as a unit to other systems
for testing or deployment

Captured in Update Set           -Customization
-Tables & Fields

Not Captured in
Update set
-DFoartma,sNew Records
-Configuration Items




True//False: Update sets track customizations where the
table has an "update_synch" dictionary attribute

update set
An ___________ is an XML file that contains:
-A set of record details that uniquely identify the update set
-A list of configuration changes
-A state that determines whether another instance can retrieve and apply configuration changes

special handlers
Things tracked with _____________:
-Form sections
-Related lists
-Choice lists
-System dictionary entries
-Field labels

True//False: More than one update set can be the default
set for any application scope

ServiceNow Best Practices for Update Sets

-Do not delete update sets, if an update set is deleted, any         updated record maybe overwritten in the next update
-Do not include the system_id field from the ldap_server_config record in an update set, this points to the wrong system_id for the target instance and does not work
-Do not back out the Default update set, causes damage to the system
-Never change the Update Set field value in a Customer Update record
-Do not mark an update set as Complete until it is ready to

migrate. Once complete, do not change it back to "In progress".
-Do not manually merge updates into an update set, always use the Merge Update Set module
-If a committed update set has a problem in the test instance, build the fix in another update set in the development instance
-Always preview an update set before committing it
-Set completed update set on the production instance to "Ignore"
-Keep a to-do list of manual changes and data loads that need to be completed after an update set is applied
-Do not make too many changes at one time, verify that
the correct changes have been made incrementally

Report types                                 List                                                                      
Line Column Area Spline Bar Pareto
Histogram Pie
Donuts and semi-donuts Speedometer
Dial Pivot
Multilevel pivot tables Heatmap
Map Bubble Pivot table Funnel Calendar Pyramid Box

Control Trendbox
Single score

Auto Map Matching Fields
Which utility is used to determine if field names in an Import Set match the field names on the target table when
importing data into ServiceNow?

Good fit for ServiceNow
-Data can be modeled in a relational database
-Extensive use of forms to interact with data
-Needs reporting
-Needs workflow to manage processes

Bad fit for ServiceNow
-Data is unstructured such as audio or video
-Requires "as-is" use of low level programmatic libraries
-Multiplayer games or apps that need a game engine
-No process flow through application

True//False: ServiceNow is good for real-time data
delivery and update form external sources

True//False: ServiceNow is good for media streaming

The option in Table configuration that allows this table to
be extended from

Columns, Controls,
Application Access
Sections of the configuration for Table

Links available to display within application menu

Link type
_________________field on the Module form specifies what type
of link the module opens.

Link type                             -Assessment                           
-Content Page
-Documentation Link
-List Filter
-List of Records
-Map Page
-New Record

-Run a Report
-Search Screen
-Single Record

How to get to the mobile version of the application

Form Header
Form element: Provides navigation tools and actions
related to the record

Form element: Stores specific data about the record

Related links
Form element: Provides access to additional functions based on record type and system setup. Administrators
can add related links to form using UI actions.

Related lists
Form element: Displays records in other tables that have
relationships to the current record.

Embedded lists
Form element: Allows for editing related lists without having to navigate away from the form. Changes are saved
when the form is saved.

Response time indicator
Form element: Appears at the bottom of some forms to
indicate the processing time required to display the form.

Form Designer
Drag and drop interface used to:
-Create form layouts
-Create form views
-Create and delete form sections
-Add fields to tables

Fields, Field Types
Components of the Field Navigator

A list of all fields from the selected table that are not
already part of the form layout

Field Types
A list of data types that can be used to create new table fields. The Form Layout is used to create and edit fields,
sections, and annotations

onLoad, onChange, onSubmit, onCellEdit
The Client Script Types:

Option in the configuration that controls whether the script
is enabled. Inactive scripts do not execute.

control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading,
The parameters for the onChange function

GlideForm (g_form) Class
______________ client-side API provides methods for managing form and form fields including methods to:
-Retrieve a field value on a form
-Hide a field
-Make a field read-only
-Write a message on a form or a field
-Add fields to a choice list

GlideUser (g_user) Class
_________________ API provides methods and non-method properties for finding information about the currently
logged in user and their roles

g_user.hasRole('x_foo_app_user'), does this return true for
the admin role?

Client-side debugging
-JavaScript Log and jslog()

& UI Policies debugging
-Field Watcher


-Debugging tools built into web browsers (browser


Field Watcher
Tracks and displays information about actions ServiceNow
performs on a form field

UI Policies
Client-side logic which governs form and form field behavior. Unlike Client Scripts, UI Policies do not always
require scripting

UI Policy Actions                   Client-side logic in a UI Policy used to set three field                                   


UI Policy Scripts
Client-side API to execute script logic based on whether
the UI Policy conditions tests true or false

-Business Rules
-Script Includes
Two types of server-side scripts:

Business Rules
Server-logic which execute when database records are
queried, updated, inserted, or deleted

Before, After, Async,
The "When" options for Business Rules:

Business Rules execute their logic before a database
operation occurs

Business Rules execute their logic immediately after a database operation occurs and before the resulting form is
rendered for the user

Business Rules execute asynchronously

-Business Rules execute their logic when a form loads and a record is loaded from the database
-Processed when a user requests a record form
-Primary objective is to use a shared scratchpad object, g_scratchpad, which is also sent to the client as part of the form.

Condition Field
Used to specify when the Business Rule script should

Business Rules
_____________ often use the current and previous objects in
their script logic

 Automatically instantiated from GlideRecord class
 Properties are all fields for a record and all the GlideRecord methods
 Property values are values as they exist in the runtime

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