Thursday, 11 April 2019

Service Mapping Exam Preparation Part 1

Host A is connected to Host B. If you want to check the connectivity pattern to host B on which host you will check the connectivity pattern? –
a.       Host A

2.       In the command line console able to execute all the commands
a.       True or False

3.       Correct URL for service watch console:
a.       https://<instance>/SaCmdManager.d0?ip=<target ip>

4.       What does this URL does? https://<instance>/SaCmdManager.d0?ip=<>
a.       Establishes the connection to target host via mid server.

5.       Discovery pattern sections – I
a.       identification, Extension and connection

6.       Event rules create
a.       Alerts

7.       If you want to add logic to pattern identification without modifying the identification section
a.       Add it to extension section

8.       If a CI is reclassified for cmdb_ci_win class to cmdb_ci_win_server. It is called
a.       CI upgrading.

9.       Relationship between cmdb_ci_app and cmdb_ci_app_server
a.       cmdb_ci_app_serveris chid to cmdb_ci_app

10.   Last step in connection pattern operation is create connection –
a.       True or False

11.   If the ci is already discovered what will happen in the service mapping discovery starts
a.       Service mapping executed without rediscovering CI.

12.   What is difference between resume discovery and run discovery
a.       Resume discovery will allow you to discover part of the business service map and run discovery will always discover the entire business service map.

13.   The server Ci identifier rule that exist in baseline instance?

A.      Hardware rule
B.      Server rule
C.      Application rule
D.      Device rule

14.   Business service 1 –  critical. Business service 2 –  medium. In event dashboard the Business service 1 tile is larger than Business service 2 if business criticality is selected in Prioritize by
a.       True/False

15.   What Credentials we use for printers?
a.       SNMP

16.   What kind of credentials you would require if you are discovering an application which needs login?
a.       Applicative Credentials

17.   What is not captured in an update set in Service Mapping.
a.       Credentials and Entry points

18.   How to get attributes from a URL?
a.       Parse URL operation

19.   From where we can change the port number used for SSH Protocol?
a.       IP Services Module

20.   What we can do to prevent a pattern from running
a.       Make it inactive

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